Choosing A Contractor

When deciding on a home construction contractor, always do these few things...



Make sure the Contractor is licensed and in good standing with the Connecticut Contractors Board.



Ask for references from your contractor, especially if a friend or family member did not refer you. These references should be past clients, and also customers who have work in process today. This will give you a better feel for how the contractor is handling there present projects.



Make sure your contractor is fully insured with Liability (covers property damage) and Worker’s Compensation (covers personal injuries on the jobsite) insurance.


Trust Your Gut!

Finally, when meeting with different companies, trust your gut feelings! Is this a person you are going to be able to work with not only today, but for the next several months? Are they listening to you as you explain what your wants and needs are? Do they follow through? Are they responsive to your calls now? Do you think they will be that responsive in a few months? Can you see yourself working with this company again on additional projects in the future?