Our Process

1. Contact the office via phone (203-791-2919) or with our Website automated email and you will be contacted by either owner Stephen or Christopher Kuehn to set up a convenient appointment.

2. We will come to your home to discuss your overall wants and needs, while evaluating the existing space and how the new project can be incorporated into your home. At this meeting, we will get your ideas, give design suggestions and we will find out what is important to you and your family when utilizing the new space. We will review our planning and building process and how it is structured to ensure your project’s success. Additionally, we will discuss the overall project budget so that we can complete the desired work within that budget.

3. Depending upon the scope of work, it will require a comprehensive plan with either structural design or space design or a combination of both. We do this to ensure that as we move through the design process, the project will meet the expectations you, the homeowner have. With design in hand, we will meet again to finalize the plans and make sure you approve and are happy with the project outline.

4. Once happy with the design, Kuehn Building and Remodeling will prepare a comprehensive scope of work. This is a detailed description of the work, broken down to each step of the construction process from concrete to framing to electrical and so on. We have the opportunity together to review this and make sure all of our discussions are outlined in this document. This scope of work will clearly describe what is and is not included in the project, giving both the homeowner and Kuehn Building and Remodeling a clear understanding of what the expectations are.

5. Once the scope of work and design is agreed upon, we will sign a construction agreement. Now Kuehn Building and Remodeling has to complete their homework before your project can and should start. This will include finalizing any structural designs and required engineering that will be submitted to the City or County. Depending on the complexity of the project, this process can take as little as one week to three months.

6. Our homework also includes finalizing all needed materials. We will supply you with a complete list of all flooring materials, plumbing fixtures, lighting or other supplies needed to complete your project. This is when the fun starts and you meet your personal shopper! With our established relationships, we will put you in touch with a professional to help you make these difficult selections. Your personal shopper will help make sure your selections are coordinated, from your counter tops to your flooring to the color of cabinetry. Additionally, we will set up an appointment for you to select all your appliances and plumbing fixtures at our special pricing. Kuehn Building and Remodeling will then receive all of the specifications and details of your choices, to then put together a complete job site plan.

7. Now we are ready to begin, with plans in hand and materials selected and ordered. Both owners Stephen and Christopher Kuehn will review the entire project in our office making sure that any unanswered questions can be addressed. They will then both meet the homeowners on the job site and review the entire scope of work and walk the project and discuss any concerns during construction.

8. Kuehn Building and Remodeling will supply you with an outline of the time frame for your project. The goal of Kuehn Building and Remodeling is to have work completed on a daily basis to move the project along quickly to completion.

9. Prior to completion of the project, you and the general contractor will walk your project and record any small items or details that you would like altered, to ensure your 100% satisfaction of the project.

10. Kuehn Building and Remodeling’s goal is to have a client for life. If you have questions or concerns after your project has been completed, we are only a phone call away.