Heating and Cooling from the Earth with Geothermal Technology…

If you are building a new home or remodeling an existing one, you would be wise to consider the pros and cons of geothermal heating and cooling for your climate control system. One of the exciting advantages of geothermal heating and cooling is the geothermal tax credit currently in place.

One of the largest expenses for any home is heating and cooling. With severe winters and hot summers, climate control can take a huge bite from our monthly budgets. There is a type of heating and cooling which can add stability to these seemingly out of control expenses. It is called geothermal, and it is becoming a popular choice for new and existing homes. Here are some of the pros and cons of geothermal heating and cooling.

Geothermal uses the mild temperatures of the ground around us to assist in generating heating and cooling for our homes. There are many advantages of geothermal heat, but the main one is that there is no boiler or furnace needed to burn fuel. Mild temperature fluids are run through a heat pump which then converts them into warm air or warm water used to heat our homes. During the summer months, the heat pump system is reversed to return the warm air within our homes back into the earth and thereby keep our homes cool. Below are some considerations when choosing a Geothermal System.

Clean for the Environment

Because there are no fossil fuels burned, this type of system is great for our planet. When we heat without fuel, we conserve natural resources which would otherwise be expended. Even better, no fuel burning means no harmful emissions to our atmosphere which helps us do our part to support a cleaner environment.

Long Lasting System

The average life expectancy of a this type of system is 25-years. This is almost double the life of a typical, fuel burning system! The EPA considers geothermal heating and cooling the most efficient climate control system available today.

Low Usage Cost

Another point to consider is its low usage cost. It is not unusual for a geothermal system to save 50% or more on monthly heating and cooling costs. Heat pumps are very efficient to operate. The moderate temperature fluids run through a heat pump create an efficient way to control the climate in a home at a very reasonable cost.

Expensive to Install

Without a doubt, cost is one of the biggest disadvantages of geothermal heating and cooling. Installation costs can be as much as two to three times that of a fuel burning system. Therefore payback in terms of dollars saved will come over a period of years. If you plan to live in your home for only a short time, say less than five years, the savings are unlikely to exceed the added cost of installation. Keep in mind, however, that this system adds value to the home which will make it worth more to a new buyer.

Finding a Quality Installer

Because these systems are not as commonly used, choose your installer carefully. Speak to past customers to be sure that their experience with the installation process and system performance has been favorable. And be careful of exaggerated claims. Yes it is a wonderful system, and great for our environment. But payback is long-term.